Transportation Alternatives to Eliminate Drunk Driving in Napa

Over Memorial Day weekend in Napa County several organizations including MADD and Napa law enforcement agencies teamed up to inform the public about alternatives to drunk driving.  With the BottleRock music festival in town for the Holiday weekend Napa residents and tourists alike were encouraged to get a safe ride home or to book a hotel room.

Concert goers had many safe travel options including Vine Transit, which is offered extended hours, and Uber which ran a $15 off promotion for new riders from May 26-30.

An arrest for Drunk Driving in Napa can cost a driver several thousand dollars in fines and attorney fees and can result in probation with possible jail time, mandatory attendance at a DUI school and a driver’s license suspension.

If you are arrested for drunk driving, or if you get a traffic ticket in Napa, American Canyon, Sonoma, San Rafael, Vallejo, or elsewhere in the Bay Area, call an experienced aggressive drunk driving defense attorney for help.

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