Marin County Cops plan DUI saturation over Thanksgiving Holiday

In a county wide effort to curb driving under the influence, Marin County Police Departments will be conducting increased saturation patrols and DUI checkpoints over the Thanksgiving holiday. Police officers said that special saturation patrols will be sent out beginning Wednesday night and they are urging people to find a safe ride home after drinking.

DUI checkpoints are a common sight during the holiday season as more people are out celebrating and attending holiday parties. The courts have found that the use of checkpoints, so long as conducted with a plan and pursuant to guidelines, do not violate our rights to be free from unreasonable searches under the 4th amendment to the Untied States Constitution.

Marin County police departments received funding to conduct driving under the influence checkpoints in an effort to reduce the number of traffic collisions related to intoxicated drivers and hit and run collisions. DUI roadblocks and saturation patrols serve as a reminder to use designated drivers and not drink and drive.

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