San Francisco DUI Motorcycle Patrol

The San Francisco Police Department will be rolling out a five officer motorcycle patrol on Cinco de Mayo aimed at catching drunk drivers. Captain Al Casciato of the San Francisco Police Department’s Traffic Company said that the DUI motorcycle officers will be heading out of the Traffic Company at the Hall of Justice at 7 p.m. Cinco de Mayo and returning from their roving drunk driving patrol at 3 a.m. on Friday, May 6, 2011.

San Franciscan’s can avoid the possibility of getting a DUI by taking advantage of one of the free taxi cab services being offered on Thursday’s holiday. A California personal injury attorney, Berg Injury Lawyers, is putting up $35 for a cab ride home. All you have to do is mention them to the cab company you call. If your trip costs more than $35, you are responsible for the difference.

Regardless of cost, a taxi ride or other public transportation home from a bar will certainly cost you less than an arrest for driving under the influence. A conviction or a first offense DUI can result in three to five years of probation with fines and fees exceeding $2,000.00 after paying the court, DUI program and the DMV fees. Drunk driving offenders may also serve jail time up to six months on a fist offense and up to one year on a second offense. Most people convicted in San Francisco will have to serve time with the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department’s Work Alternative Program, SWAP.

If you are arrested for DUI or reckless driving in San Francisco, Daly City or Marin County call an experienced aggressive DUI defense attorney for help.

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