San Francisco Bay Area DUI Arrests Up This Thanksgiving

The California Highway Patrol reported that drunk driving arrests over the Thanksgiving Holiday were up this year throughout California and the San Francisco Bay Area. However, in Solano County the CHP indicated that there were less than half as many DUI arrests as there were over the Holiday weekend in 2009, only 5 compared to 11 last year.

As of November 30, 2010, the CHP’s provisional numbers indicated that officers statewide made 1,419 DUI arrests between Wednesday night and Sunday morning, compared to 1,314 arrests for the same period last year. In the San Francisco Bay Area CHP officers made 249 DUI arrests over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, compared to 207 in 2009.

Potential punishment for a DUI arrest and conviction depends on many factors including whether the driver was involved in an accident, was under 21 years of age, or has prior convictions. By law a first offense DUI carries a maximum term of 6 months in jail and a $1,000.00 fine. In most Bay Area Counties the court will impose a minimum 2 day jail sentence and fines around $1,700.00 due to penalty assessments. Convicted first time drunk driving offenders also lose their driving privilege for 6 months but can receive a restricted driving privilege from the DMV if they enroll in a DUI program, provide proof of insurance and pay a reissue fee.

If you are arrested for DUI, whether in Vallejo, Benicia, Marin County, or elsewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, call an experienced aggressive driving under the influence attorney for help.

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