Protest AB 666 – Protect Your Right to a Trial for Traffic Tickets

This law is awful and takes away substantive rights that we all currently have. It is simply a money making machine for the state and may bring about absurd things like photo radar tickets.

Currently traffic tickets are crimes in California and defendants are afforded most of the rights that people charged with misdemeanors and felonies have. This bill proposes to take away the presumption of innocence and to convert red light camera prosecution to an administrative action.

Please protest this bill.

What does AB666 Do?

Eliminates Your Right to a Trial if You Get a Red Light Camera Ticket.
Makes You Responsible for the Ticket Even When Someone Else Is Driving.
Sets up Kangaroo “Administrative Hearing” Courts Run By Those Who Gave You the Ticket.
No Evidence Other than the Ticket Itself is Needed to Convict You.
No Right to Face Your Accuser.
You Are Assumed Guilty and Have to Prove Your Innocence.
You Will Have to Pay a Fee If You Want Your Case Heard in Court Expands the Use of Photo Enforcement to Other Traffic Violations.

Call California Assembly Member Bob Wieckowski and tell him Stop Selling Us Out to the Red Light Camera Companies. Call (916) 319-2025.
Ask for Ashley Medina, his Legislative Aid or just leave a message.
If the line is busy, keep calling till you get through.

Sign the petition to stop AB 666 and get more info here

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