One Sonoma CHP Officer Gets Two DUI Drivers on 101

Sonoma County CHP Officer Mike Phennecie arrested two drivers within a matter of hours on Highway 101 on Monday.

Shortly before 6 a.m. Officer Phennecie stopped a Honda Civic traveling northbound for speeding, allegedly at 92 mph. The driver of that vehicle, a Petaluma man, displayed signs of intoxication, and was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

After Officer Phennecie finished writing his police report he got back out on the streets around 1p.m. and as he was driving on Rohnert Park Expressway, he received a CHP dispatch concerning a possible DUI driver. A concerned motorist had called 911 to report a Dodge Sprinter swerving on the highway.

Officer Phennecie stopped on the shoulder of Highway 101 to wait for the suspect vehicle. When the Dodge drove by the officer observed it to be swerving in a manner that forced other cars to avoid a collision. At that point the officer stopped the Dodge and arrested the driver, a Cotati man, for driving under the influence.

Drivers arrested for a DUI face the possibility of jail time, the loss of their driving privilege, fines and mandatory attendance at a DUI school if convicted. The costs of defending a drunk driving case can sometimes exceed $10,000.

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