Oakland DUI – Commercial Driving Privilege Saved

Chris R., a driver for the San Francisco Municipal Railway, was arrested for DUI in April 2009 after being stopped for speeding while coming off of the San Francisco Bay Bridge in Oakland.

Chris was charged by the Alameda County District Attorney with driving under the influence, Vehicle Code section 23152(a) and driving with a .08% or greater blood alcohol concentration (.16 blood test). As a Muni driver Chris has a commercial driver’s license privilege and he was also facing a dmv administrative suspension of 4 months for his personal driving and of 1 year on his commercial license. If convicted of DUI or of driving with a .08% bac he would also lose his commercial privilege for 1 year.

After several court appearances, including a motion to suppress evidence, and more than five months of negotiations Chris’ case was set for trial. Prior to setting the trial, Attorney John Stanko attempted to convince the DA to resolve the case for a reduced charge and to agree to an acquittal so that Chris could keep his commercial license. Unfortunately, the DA told Mr. Stanko that Chris would “never” get that deal. So, Chris’ withdrew his time waiver and demanded that a speedy trial be set.

When the case came on the court’s trial calendar Attorney Stanko got Chris the deal he wanted. The DA was convinced to dismiss the driving under the influence charge, Chris plead no contest to a wet reckless, and the judge found him not guilty of driving with a .08% or greater bac. As a result, the DMV cannot take any action against Chris’ commercial driving privilege and his administrative suspension was set aside.

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