Napa DUI saturation Saturday Night November 14

The City of Napa Police Department will be out in force looking for people driving under the influence this Saturday night. This DUI saturation patrol is being funded by a grant from the Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Napa police officers will concentrate their anti DUI efforts on areas of the city with a history of traffic accidents and large numbers of arrests for driving under the influence. They are cautioning residents to take public transportation or to use a designated driver. Remember that driving under the influence is illegal.

In California it is not illegal to drink and drive but it is illegal under Vehicle Code sections 23152(a) and (b) to drive while under the influence and to drive with a .08% or greater blood alcohol concentration. Although it is legal to consume alcohol and drive a car it is best not to take the risk.

If you are stopped by a peace officer and he/she smells the odor of an alcoholic beverage on your breath you will likely be investigated for DUI. Remember if you are stopped by the police that you have a right to remain silent and you do not have to answer any of their questions or submit to any field sobriety testing. However, in California all driver’s have given their implied consent to have a blood or breath sample taken if an officer believes that they are driving under the influence. So, do not take agree to any field testing or preliminary breath test but do agree to an evidentiary breath test or blood test if the officer requests one.

If you are convicted of a DUI in Napa County you are facing 5 years probation on a first offense and up to 6 months in jail. You need to call an experienced aggressive driving under the influence attorney for help.

For more information about driving under the influence charges in Napa County and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, or for a free consultation, call Northern California DUI attorney John Stanko at 707-642-8900, 415-755-8899, or toll free at 1-877-204-8900.

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