Marin Traffic Attorney 4 Recent Victories

Four traffic court trials result in four victories in Oakland, San Rafael and South Lake Tahoe.

On Tuesday, June 1, 2011, a speeding ticket on the Oakland Bay Bridge, an alleged violation of Vehicle Code section 23336, was dismissed at trial in the Alameda County Superior Court, Wiley Manual Courthouse. The client had been charged with violating the posted speed limit signs on the Oakland Bay Bridge and was alleged to have been driving 60 MPH. A conviction for California Vehicle Code section 23336 would have resulted in one point on the client’s driving record and increased insurance costs.

In the Marin County Superior Court in San Rafael two cases were resolved at court trial on June 1, 2011. A speeding ticket for allegedly violating Vehicle Code section 22350, the basic speed law, was reduced to a Novato Municipal Code violation and an alleged violation for making a u turn in a San Rafael business district, Vehicle Code section 22102, was also reduced to a municipal code violation. Neither client will receive a point on their record but both must still pay fines.

On June 2, 2011, a ticket for violating California Vehicle Code section 22400(a), issued when a client allegedly stopped on a highway to take pictures in South Lake Tahoe, was resolved a court trial by a plea to a lesser offense. As such, the client will not receive a point on his California DMV record.

Points are assessed on a driver’s record in California as a result of convictions for Vehicle Code moving violations. In most cases those points remain a a driver’s record and can affect their insurance rates for a period of three years. Further, a driver that gets too many points can have her license suspended by the DMV for being a negligent operator.

If you are cited for speeding, a red light camera violation, or arrested for drunk driving in San Rafael, Emeryville, Oakland, San Francisco or Marin County call an experienced aggressive traffic ticket/DUI defense attorney for help.

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