Marin Drivers Beware – DUI Patrols at Max Level this Labor Day

Holiday drivers in Marin County, San Francisco, Oakland and throughout California should really think when they drink this weekend. The CHP will be conducting their last MEP, Maximum Enforcement Period, of the summer this Labor Day weekend.

The Highway Patrol will be rolling in force beginning Friday, September 3, 2010 and ending Monday, September 6, 2010, as part of their ongoing aggressive crackdown on impaired driving which began on August 20. Last year the CHP arrested 1,417 drunk drivers over the Labor Day holiday.

To aid in the crackdown against driving under the influence the CHP is urging motorists call 911 if they see any drivers whom they suspect drunk. Motorist who call 911 to report drunk drivers should be prepared to provide CHP dispatchers with a description of the drunk driver’s car, its location and direction of travel.

Drivers arrested for DUI/DWI in California face severe consequences including a potential jail sentence: 0 to 180 days on a first offense, 10 days minimum on a second DUI, 120 days to 1 year on a 3rd drunk driving charge and possible state prison if convicted of a 4th offense for driving under the influence. In addition to possible jail time, DUI offenders must pay hefty fines to the court and fees for attendance at mandatory DUI school. Further, drunk drivers face the possible suspension, revocation or restriction of their driving privileges. Moreover, the installation of an ignition interlock devices (IID) is mandatory for even a 1st offense DUI conviction in Alameda, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Tulare counties. Those counties are conducting a pilot program for 1st offender IID devices and the IID requirement on a 1st DUI may be expanded statewide in the future.

If you are arrested for drunk driving in San Francisco, Oakland or Marin County call an experienced aggressive DUI defense attorney for help.

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