Fiery Car Chase Results In DUI Arrest With Kids In The Car

On May 18, 2016, Marin County CHP officers attempted to stop a vehicle for speeding when the driver refused to yield and took them on a chase into Sonoma County.  CHP officers eventually stopped the driver by placing spike strips on the highway in Petaluma.  The car ran over the spikes but the driver kept driving on flat tires until sparks caught the back of the car on fire.

The driver pulled off the highway in Cotati and when CHP officers approached her car they noticed two small children were in the back seat.  After detaining the driver and investigating whether she was under the influence the officers placed her under arrest.  The driver was subsequently charged by the Marin County District Attorney with recklessly evading police, child endangerment, driving under the influence of drugs and resisting a police officer.

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