Berkeley Teacher Guilty of DUI and Possession of LSD

A High School teacher who was arrested in San Rafael last December after a concert at the Terrapin Crossroads music venue has pled guilty to possession of LSD and driving under the influence.

The driver was stopped after allegedly running a red light in San Rafael. The citing police officer conducted field sobriety tests, including a PAS, preliminary alcohol screening device breath test, on the driver and arrested him for drunk driving. The results on the PAS test were .13 and .12 percent blood alcohol concentration by volume. In California drivers are not required to submit to field sobriety testing or to blow into a PAS device. However, if lawfully arrested for DUI all drivers in California have given their implied consent to submit to a blood test or evidentiary breath test to determine their blood alcohol content.

The Berkeley teacher was able to avoid a possible three year prison sentence when he plead guilty to possession of LSD and the charge of bringing narcotics into jail was dismissed. The police found the LSD in the teacher’s property when they booked him into the Marin County jail.

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