Bay Area Traffic Tickets Get Dismissed and Clients Avoid DMV Points

San Francisco citations for a red light camera violation and for making an illegal left turn were dismissed this week after Attorney John Stanko had filed requests for a trial by written declaration for two clients. Both matters resulted in not guilty findings by the San Francisco Superior Court Traffic Division. As such, neither client will receive a point on their California DMV record and the payment of their bail/fine amounts will be refunded.

Should the trial by written declarations have resulted in a finding of guilty the clients would have had a right to request a new court trial. A request for a trial de novo, new court trial, must be filed with the court within twenty days of the mailing of a finding of guilt on a trial by written declaration. The California Judicial Council provides a form, TR220, on which to request a trial de novo.

In addition, in the last two weeks client’s were found not guilty after trial by declaration of violating Vehicle Code section 22349(a), maximum speed violation, in Sonoma County and not guilty of Vehicle Code section 22350, the basic speed law, in Marin County.

Further, the Law Office of John Stanko, Inc., was able to have a commercial driver speeding ticketed in Fairfield, Solano County, reduced to a no point mechanical violation.

If you receive a speeding ticket, red light camera ticket, or any moving violation in Santa Rosa, San Rafael, San Francisco or Oakland, call an experienced aggressive traffic ticket attorney for help.

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